VFX Supervision On-set and Post-production

Blog # 1 - Spectrum


Univision / Spectrum - On-set VFX Supervisor and Post-production

VFX supervision at Univision lasted 3 days of filming. We had to create different sequences that had to contain CGI integration. We had to create photogrammetry for some particular shots, to give it the necessary and adequate realism, using the lighting and shadows from HDRI. Every shot had to be done with such precise care, a single mistake could cost a lot of time in
post-production and on the set. Together with the Director of Photography and the Director, we could only make decisions in seconds to know how to indicate the best way to execute the work.

The first sequences used a Bolt cinema robot camera, to get the same length and seconds, to repeat the shots several times without errors. Even so, in post-production, they had to clean the plate, retiming, to perfectly unite the same actress with her different performances that went in different directions. The same thing had to be repeated once they entered the camera lens again.

We work with a set between Flame, Nuke and Davinci Resolve to get the job done. Most of the Flame running Linux CentOS was used on the production set to verify that all green screens were correct. Post-production was handled between Nuke and Davinci at ACES Colorspace. Two commercials all culminated in a month of work under the company Lacus Post.


Blog # 2 - Optum Health


The Mill / Optum Health - On-set VFX Supervisor

VFX supervision with The Mill lasted 2 days of filming, in collaboration with Lacus Post. We had to create different sequences that had to contain crowd integration, clean plate and photogrammetry. We had to stage intense shots of people to create the crowd for post production. We use a crane to move everything equally to have an exact time. After we got that calibrated, we started to position each actor in different places to give imagination to the crowd around. But this complicates some shots a bit, because we had to do clean plate photography and some HDRI for the CGI integration. Communication between "The Mill" and VFX producer Brad Martin was a long journey to keep every second as clean as possible and well done as the client wanted. When they were on set all the time. Sometimes it was necessary to run to the client to explain and then return.

A good walk with an excellent result at the end.


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